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  • Technological Innovation
    Technological Innovation: Key Trends and Opportunities
  • Space and Defense Strategies
    Space and Defense Strategies
  • International Collaborations to Foster Regional Security
    International Collaborations to Foster Regional Security
  • Research and Development
    Research and Development: Emerging Technologies and Commercial Expectations
  • Cybersecurity and Industrial Security
    Cybersecurity and Industrial Security

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Take part in our 2024 Conference Programme

The Defense Business Summi Japan Conference Programme hosts an exciting array of highly engaging panel discussions, workshops, and presentations led by the most inspirational leaders in the industry across the globe. If you have an interesting case study or presentation topic to share, or perhaps you would like to join in on a panel discussion, please apply to speak in the Conference Programme via our Call for Papers form below.

Please note: Technology vendors / consultancies can only enter the Conference Programme through sponsorship activity. Please apply on the sponsorship link for further information.

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Boost your personal brand


Get media exposure


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Hundreds of international audience